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Instead of "Training", let's start with a "Learning EXPERIENCE"! The Phase One interactive virtual course is designed to give you and your team a collaborative understanding of the core concepts for Revenue GROWTH.  Students seeking further evolution for their businesses can request a personalized program to fit their needs. 

Within a collaborative class environment, each participant will learn the skills to complete insightful exercises to drive value within their own businesses in a fun environment with accountability from like-minded peers.
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Sales Execution 1

"If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!"  Let's start your journey to your goals by making a case for a new dimension of sales process planning and new perspectives on old concepts.


  • Begin your team's understanding of Sales Synergistics by defining Sales Culture Synergy

  • Redefine the purpose and structure of Sales Process

  • Understand the relationship between the Sales Process and your Customers' Buying Process

  • Develop your unique Sales Processes by starting with detailed Customer Personas

Advocate Marketing

Your entire team is a part of your process to carry your clients beyond the purchase to become repeat customers and stark-raving Advocates


  • Learn the core tenants and best practices of Advocate Marketing

  • Develop user Community events 

  • Structure Persona-Aligned Incentives to drive advocate behavior

  • Incorporate Collaboration and Gamification for User Culture

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Content Strategy

In the 21st century selling environment, it is critical to enable your clients to gain self-paced learning about your products and services in the medium that best suits them.  Each team needs a robust Content Strategy to make the information their customers need easy to access and worthy to share with others.


  • Understand Persona mapping for content development and find your top three client personas in the client organizational map

  • Explore the basic form factors for content

  • Learn the core principles of timing content for impact 

  • Crate and tailor your own Client-Centric value propositions 

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Affiliate Marketing

No...not your uncle's multi-level soap business! This is ensuring that every seller can tap into the network of influential groups, professional organizations, and channel partners to drive sales growth.


  • Understand how to treat Channel Partners as customers too

  • Learn the metrics to quantify strength of Centers of Influence

  • Develop action plans for reps & managers to build relationships

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Sales Execution 2

With all of the other components at your disposal, you and your team can now apply them to the sales process to increase revenue


  • Review and adjust Territory Planning for reps

  • Unify reps around best practices for Account Management

  • Learn how to Improve Sales Rep results with more than just Activity Management