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Sales Technology Readiness Assessment

Determine where your sales team should and shouldn't implement costly technology tools.

  • 1 h
  • Location 1

Service Description

Our team can objectively analyze the existing personnel and processes within and around your sales team to determine the realistic ROI you should expect from any of the complex technology solutions you may be considering to drive increased sales productivity. After an initial orientation, our team will quickly gather the essential intelligence from the sellers and managers on the frontlines needed to contextualize the historical performance data to accurately pinpoint and quantify the gaps that exist. We will then apply 20+ years of business technology experience to accurately qualify or disqualify any technology platforms, such as CRM Systems, Sales Operations, or Automation platforms you may be considering. As needed, we can also provide recommended technology solutions that can effectively close the performance gaps. This simple and un-intrusive process is normally completed in just three billable days, avoiding weeks of internal analysis for critical digital transformation decisions, streamlining time to value and avoiding bad purchase decisions

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