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Entrepreneur Virtual Sales Intensive V.1


The Sales Synergistics Virtual Entrepreneur Sales Intensive is a course designed to provide a foundation of knowledge for individuals looking to improve their revenue performance. This unique course approach focuses on changing the mindset of the Business Leader through direct action activities with prospects and customers in the field to build new sales skills through interactive assignments that generate sales opportunities in the process. The course emphasizes the importance of taking action and participating in order to build sales into one's business. It challenges the stereotype of salespeople as sleazy and highlights the role of sales professionals as consultative experts who help others make the best decisions to solve their problems. COURSE DETAILS Course Length: 103 Minutes 3 Sections 6 Modules Format: Hybrid Course Content: INTRODUCTION - 4:56 LEARN & BUILD 5 steps - It All Starts With Vision - 17:30 -- Homework Submission - Dive Into Discovery - 11:45 -- Homework Submission - Section 1 Quiz Build & Measure 5 steps - Craft Your Offerings For Value - 12:56 -- Homework Submission - Design Your Sales Processes - 35:18 -- Homework Submission - Section 2 Quiz Measure & Grow 5 steps - Plan Your Operating Rhythm - 11:02 -- Homework Submission - Build The Business Leader - 8:17 - Section 3 Quiz END OF COURSE SURVEY

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