Our Expertise

We have focused on six practice areas to drive Sales Success; each supported by both internal resources and and external business partners that bring  a wealth of expertise.

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Sales Training
Instructional Keynote
Leadership Development

Our Team can  provide  comprehensive curriculum for sales improvement proven over 20 Years of experience across dozens of industries.

Through the personal consultation we assess the most impactful areas of improvement for your sellers, leader and the teams that support them.  We can teach sellers in every role how to place the highest priority on leading the customer to the optimum solution for their businesses are more proactive, more strategic, and more successful.


Many large established companies use lavish user conferences and regular recurring small-scale events to deepen relationships with their clients.  Across all industries, these events prove their value from the new business revenue they generate.

Our team will work with you before the event to craft a compelling and informative keynote address that will both inform and inspire your team to reach the goals that you set.  This highly customizable approach will ensure the maximum impact for your employees and clients alike.

We go the extra step to ensure your front-line managers are equipped to drive change with a three-cycle process that includes: (1) Calibration sessions to ensure managers can accurately assess skills, (2) create an effective coaching strategy and role-model the desired behaviors and (3) side-by-side coaching sessions where managers can observe a consultant-led coaching session and receive feedback on their own capabilities. We also provide the Coaching Development Guide, a reference tool that accurately assesses skill gaps and identifies skill development activity.

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Business Dev. Coaching

In the midst of keeping a business running, it is often difficult to step back and take a creative look at the strategy from the outside-in to see how to generate new revenue in new ways.

Our team will assess your business and deliver a creative solution complete with market analysis, cost projections and action plans.

Campaign  Planning

Some organizations have a well established sales team with a solid approach.  Those teams often reach a point where they need a boost in their sales pipeline to increase their closes in a slow quarter or to kickstart prospect activities after a busy period of sales activity.

Our team will deliver a well structured plan to increase qualified opportunities within one quarter with a mix of marketing, prospecting and sales.

Sales Execution

Sometimes you just need more people to execute the plans you have in place.  We have found that a well executed inside sales approach is one of the best ways to get increased sales results with the fewest additional resources.

Our team will augment your team for a limited  time to execute a short term sales campaign designed with you and executed by trained sales veterans with proven success.