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As an Entrepreneur, our number one need is to find clients and win new business for revenue. While we may have had success in winning business, to get the PREDICTABLE RESULTS we want, it helps to have a coach AND a team of like-minded peers supporting you to learn, apply the knowledge, and DO THE WORK. 


You don't need "Sales Training".  You need a series of "sales-focused cross-fit group workouts" for your business!  Let's get your revenue pipeline into shape!


Join the next cohort of fellow Entrepreneurs for 6 virtual workshops to both learn sales skils and execute the steps to find and win new business.   These workshops, held every two weeks, give you the opportunity to execute action steps in each class and continue those efforts in the two weeks between classes.


In the workshop you will learn the essential skills to:

   -- Craft profitable offerings in alignment with your mission and values

   -- Build value propositions for specific customer profiles that resonate with their views & needs

   -- Design outbound campaigns that will engage those clients

   -- Engineer sales processes that can deliver value for your customers and drive revenue for you

   -- Optimize your daily and weekly Operating Rhythm to manage your time and effort

   -- And Effectively test your assumptions and challenge your impulsive business decisions


By the end of the course, attendees (who do the work) will not only have the skills to close business with clients, but a growing and thriving pipeline of new sales opportunities to carry them into the next quarter!

Entrepreneur Sales Intensive

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