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If you are an Account Manager, Product Representative, Frontline Manger, Entrepreneur, or a Sale Professional of any title engaged in Complex B2B Sales to corporate clients, this workbook is for you.

This workbook is a collection of principles and best practices presented in an easy-to-follow workbook.  

Each workbook comes with a video walking you through how to use workbook as a whole, or cherry-pick only the forms and tactics you need to augment your quarterly planning process.  Use the fillable forms within the workbook to guide yourself, or your team members, through an in-depth planning process with additonal instruction on how to use the Value-Based approach to hitting yoru quarterly revenue goals.  

All of the techniques have been individually tested in real-world application across various sales disciplines in dozens of companies around the world.  Now brought together for the first time in a complete guidebook for rapid adoption, these techniques can help you stay one quarter ahead of your number under even the most adverse selling conditions.  

Crush Your Quarter Strategic Workbook

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